How to Warm your Holiday Home with Festive Lighting

Every year the desire to decorate your home for the holidays evokes a sense of togetherness and tradition. While the beautiful colors and ambiance of the season are inspiring, nothing comes to life without the addition of inspiring lighting. From your Christmas tree to your exterior home, holiday lighting is the reason your home sparkles at the holiday. Try these lighting ideas around your home this season to make it a memorable holiday for you and your holiday guests.

Set the scene:  The holidays are all about celebrating the grandeur of the season. Capture the magic with a scene fit for a wonderland in your home. Festive lighting on the tree, with creative accents such as a lighted pine garland on the fireplace mantle will bring instant ambiance to any room.  If you have space, use playful pre-lit deer, and other wildlife animals to set the scene below your tree or fireplace. Light up your foyer and front entry with battery powered candles, to avoid dangling and unsightly cords. Create winter wonderland vignettes around your home with creative lighting enhancements.

Choose accent lighting to enhance: Accent lighting is an important asset to any holiday home.  Whether you are decorating the outside of your home, or you are highlighting festive decor, try using these tips to enhance with accent lights:

String lighting – These days string lights come in every color under the rainbow to enhance any decor, and have decorative nature, animals, winter, and Christmas themes to enhance your home.

Candles to light the table – Don’t forget the holiday table. Accent lights in the form of pre-lit garland, votive candles, small lanterns, and overhead colorful pendant fabric shades can turn a boring dining table into a festive holiday focal point.

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