Contemporary Sofas from Bora Kim: The Jamirang Sofas

The Jamirang Sofas encompass the concept of comfort and relaxation in its cradle-like design. Ja-mi-rang means falling asleep in Korean, so the sofas we came across on Mocolocoare exceptional combinations of soft yet strong cushions and a modern wood base. Made from wool and wood, the Jamirang Sofas invite you to relax and enjoy a few minutes away from it all. Created by Korean designer Bora Kim, the contemporary design displayed by the Jamirang Sofas extend from the base to its beautifully shaped cushion to offer both a pleasant visual feature and a comfortable seating unit. Each sofa can accommodate one person, so your comfort will only depend on the sofa you are using, without any interference from someone else. This feature is helpful when you want to have a chat and the best way to do that is facing the person you are talking to. This could not be possible with a usual sofa. Take a look at the photos and let us know if you would consider adding a Jamirang Sofa to your home.

More info and pictures!


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