picNYC Real Grass Table Brings “Rural” to the Urban Residence

Cities have less and less green space to take advantage of, hence why probably the best solution is to bring the green space to our homes, “cultivating” it in our own backyards, patios or maybe even in the living room. Dubbed picNYC, what you’re looking at is a neat table with real grass. It’s based on a structure made of folded lightweight aluminum, has the much needed soil, small stones for drainage and as said before (I reckon it’s quite hard to believe), real turf.

Work of Dutch designer Haiko Cornelissen, the picNYC table is half natural, so it reacts differently depending on how it’s used — exposure to the sun, pruning, or even watering (which can happen just by throwing your poison from glasses and decanters after a meal). We’re being told that the picNYC table allows you to even plant trees and flowers, totally transforming the concept of the table to which we are accustomed.

More photos!


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