Modern Dining Tables Of Natural Logs

Modernism and love for nature make the designers create new, unusual shapes and use new materials. The most unusual things are made of a pair of two materials: organic and synthetic. This table is made of resin and logs, real natural logs. Thanks to that, each table is individual because every tree is unlike the others. Designers from mthwoodworks wanted to explore nature’s chaotic moves into contemporary contexts. The sinuous and irregular shapes of the tree base are combined with the inert form and nature of the resin. Each dining table has a piece of wood ranging from 60 to 600 years old. It would be a great piece for any modern and bright dining room or kitchen.

More pictures!


2 Comments to “Modern Dining Tables Of Natural Logs”

  1. I like the idea of the uniqueness of every table is dependent on the organic material used. Would like to see it in context because, as dining tables, those trunks can get huge.

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