IKEA Kitchen Table Art by Carl Kleiner and Evelina Bratell

Some ideas can express, in a simple yet stylish way, the beauty that comes from adjoining several items that shape two defining action – cooking and eating. Each plate and fork, each bowl or napkin have something to contribute to the overall success of the meal. Capturing the very best of IKEA’s creativeness and tableware, photographer Carl Kleiner shows us how stylist Evelina Bratell conceptualize d a follow-up campaign of IKEA’s 2010?s hit campaign named “Visual Recipes”. The IKEA Kitchen Table Art expresses the collective efforts of all the people involved in this project and offers an artistic visual standstill of the company’s present. Kitchen items were carefully selected and arranged to shape a few examples of how tableware can be inspiring and still display a story in pictures. Lunch, dinner, party, spaghetti night or eggs and coffee for breakfast – all these fundamental events in our daily lives were captured in the table art found on Twisted Sifter.



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