DIY Stylish Twine Pendant Lights

These stylish pendant lights are quite easy to make. They can become a perfect addition for your dining room. The project of making them is very similar to making these string chandeliers but instead of yarn you need to use twine. Besides it you’ll need a few balloons, spray laundry starch, Pendant batton holders and several light bulbs.


First of all blow up several balloons in slightly different sizes. Tie one end of a piece of string to the balloon knot and start wrapping the balloon with string until it’s pretty much covered. Repeat this process with other balloons. Hang these balloons freely and spray with a starch. Leave them to dry and pop the balloons after that. Remove them from the inside of the cocoons and carefully insert batton fittings and bulbs inside the pendants. Suspend them above your dinning table and enjoy.



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