Vintage Style Kitchens by Marchi Group – 1956 and Loft

These vintage style kitchens by Marchi Group have awoken our appetite for some retro style. The Loft and 1956 kitchens have an unmistakably old-school appeal that reminds us of Mom’s classic culinary space, pride in every last quirk.

The 1956 kitchen (above) has a country-chic aesthetic, featured in a sweet cream finish – delish! The floating cabinets and shelves are handy for added storage that keeps all your kitchen essentials close at hand. And throw-back to the streets of London, a phone booth-style door conceals the fridge.

More info and pictures


3 Comments to “Vintage Style Kitchens by Marchi Group – 1956 and Loft”

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    I love the stove and the fridge looks like a tardis! I’m sorry for the geek reference but this kitchen would be amazing to have in my hypothetical house… perhaps a bit less metallic.

  3. Love it, thanks for sharing. I especially love the upside town tin tub used for the extractor fan in the first kitchen…

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