DIY Personalized Pillow With Text

Make a personalized pillow with any text you like! Here are supplies: a blank pillow cover, some cardboard, a pencil, a letter stencil, a fabric marker. Choose a quote, stuff your pillow cover with some cardboard to keep the marker from bleeding through and to keep the fabric stretched out smooth. Use a pencil to stencil your quote onto the pillow cover. If you mess up the spacing you can erase the pencil lines and redo them. You can’t fix mistakes when you’re using the fabric marker, so don’t skip the pencil step. Go at it with your fabric marker; use the stencil for the outline of each letter, and then remove the stencil to fill the letters in. Such a pillow would be a great exclusive accessory and a cool gift, especially for the Valentine’s Day coming.

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One Comment to “DIY Personalized Pillow With Text”

  1. great idea! i think your dog likes it too. 🙂

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