Recycled Wooden Furniture: Office Desk, Sideboard & Bookcase Designs

Wooden furniture is very rarely recycled, and we usually dump them as they get older. Such an attitude is born out of misconception that wood can’t be recycled. It’s not true; look what we have for you here.

A century ago, furniture in households and offices were all made up of wood. Later, with the advent of technology, and invention of newer raw materials, wood gave way to other material. And, towards the later part of history, we found that wooden articles were more convenient and comfortable. But their availability seems to be the major deterrent nowadays. It is here designers at Kann recognized the importance of recycled wooden products. Most of their products are composed of merely three strips of wooden palettes.

Their designs are very simple and attractive in appearance. Moreover, they don’t bear any clue that they are recycled stuff. All are as good as fresh products.



2 Comments to “Recycled Wooden Furniture: Office Desk, Sideboard & Bookcase Designs”

  1. Wonderful architectural design.. Inspired much! 🙂

  2. Love it, very creative use of recycled wood

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