Quirky Chair Design by 56th Studio


Wether you like this quirky chair design by 56th Studio or not, you can’t deny that it stirs some sort of emotional reaction. In that sense, they could be equated to art that can be sat upon. 56th Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio, involved in graphic, product, prop and set design, to name a few. They describe their style as “luxe-personified yet kitschy, neo-ethnic, eclectically bold and youthful”. We like these chair designs because they are surprising and different. Given that most of the chairs seem to have somewhat of a face, it seems they have their own personalities. The goal at 56th Studio is to create designs that are not only functional but that also communicate something. What are these chairs saying to you? Visit 56th Studio for more fun.



One Comment to “Quirky Chair Design by 56th Studio”

  1. Functional art with a sense of humor! Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

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