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July 12, 2012

Dami Furniture: Traditional Korean design with an eco-friendly twist

A lot of times the décor that we shop for and purchase is determined by both our financial constraints and the theme that we have already selected for our home. But that does not mean you can improvise and add that something ‘different’ which helps your house stand out from the crowd and also makes for a great conversation starter at times.

Designed by Seung Yong Song, the series of furniture and lighting installations dubbed as Damitakes a refreshing look at the conventional design Korean design.


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April 29, 2012

Original and Captivating Plate Paintings by Molly Hatch

Ceramics artist Molly Hatch recently presented her latest plate paintings at Sofa New York 2012, on behalf of Ferrin Gallery. Her projects are “based on historic source imagery from the print and drawing departments of the MFA Boston and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC“. Each composition is captivating and fun to decrypt. If you look carefully at the photos, you will observe how every plate is thoroughly and elegantly worked on, and how it acts as an artful puzzle piece for the entire “painting”. We decided to feature Molly’s work on Freshome, as a tribute to her original idea and talent. But we also believe her projects are suited for any modern decor with a personality.Would you consider having these unconventional paintings in your home? And where would you place them?


March 4, 2012

Old mission house in Sweden

Check out this beautiful old house. With details in black and white and petroleum this old church has been transformed into a living out of the ordinary. The house has been renovated in recent years and the current owners’ sense of color and form has been mixed with well-preserved tracks from the building’s earlier history. The size of the house is 196 sqm. Watch and enjoy!

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February 27, 2012

Old Garage Turned Into Fabulous Home (Knott Architects, UK)

Chances are that you wouldn’t believe this  functional and chic little home was once a garage. Owned by Darren Issac and located in Camden, UK, the bright and beautiful house was designed by Knott Architects to perfectly use every inch of space so that it looks much larger than it actually is.

Downstairs there’s a bedroom and a wetroom nicely separated by glass screens and a large wardrobe that also acts as a divider. A small office room adds to the charm, and not only overlooks the street but proves just as useful as it doubles up as a guest bedroom whenever needed.

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February 24, 2012

Fascinating Black Pearl Studio in Rotterdam

The aptly named Black Pearl Studio is an ambitious complete renovation by Studio and Zecc Architecten. This incredible interior design has a lot of inspiration to offer those who have a desire to delve in to the details.

The interior is distinctly industrial, but the furnishings (some of which are by Studio are a wonderfully unconventional mix of contemporary minimalism and rough rustic whimsy. One unique feature after another serves to delight the imagination – a hot tub on the roof, surprising textures on select ceilings, and a full workshop on the ground floor. The home decor seems strongly inspired by the spirit of sculpture.

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