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February 17, 2012

Dream Home In Sweden Through a Photographer’s Eyes

Swedish photographer Bruno Basic sent us a set of wonderful photos of a contemporary home he photographed in Sweden.  This is the story behind the inspiration and a few details about the materials and owner: “In 2011, I had the honor to photograph a house that was “modern” as my clients described it. What I saw at the driveway to the house I noticed that this house was a little different than regular houses that I see around me. This was more square and appeared to be incredibly well designed. I had never been in contact or met the owner of the house and honestly, I thought it lived a young design-interested couple there. But I was wrong. The house was owned by a middle-aged businessman who had exquisite taste for design. He had designed the house himself and was very proud of it. The house has magnificent view over the city of Kalmar and the sea that surrounds it. Everything in the house was exclusive and the materials came from local producers. The floor was made only a few miles away. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.” We did enjoy them, how about you?

February 17, 2012

Creative and versatile light: Roofer Pendant Light by Benjamin Hubert

The Roofer Pendant Light is a creative way of looking at things from another perspective. London based designer Benjamin Hubert created this special pendant light for Italian manufacturer Fabbian. The inspiration for this project came from the coloured tiles of Marrakech. Flexible silicone tiles hang on a metal frame, just like roof tiles cover the most important feature of a home.

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February 9, 2012

Bold Patterns Design by Gandia Blasco

Bringing bold patterns design and bright palettes into the spotlight, these Gan Spaces collection by Gandia Blasco are hot! These bold pieces by designer Sandra Figuerola are done in 100% virgin wool, so they’re as great to the touch as they are to the eye. The modular seating features simple shapes splashed up with standout color and graphics in a variety of scales, which can be arranged in any composition to suit any-sized space and accessorized with pillows. The seating and cushions are reversible, so you can switch up the look as desired. Complete the look with the candle boxes – a great floor or tabletop accessory illuminated from within to highlight that same pattern that sets this collection apart. Forget subtle or matchy-matchy – these vibrant geometric motifs come together is a clash of color and pattern that transforms your interiors into a stylish wonderland. More information is available by visiting Gan Rugs.

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February 9, 2012

Colors Work Wonders with Edna 1 and Edna 3 Cabinets

Contemporary Lab and Anthony Hartley have teamed up to offer Anthony’s colorful and modern Edna 1 and Edna 3. The UK-based furniture maker creates custom-made bespoke pieces, authenticated and registered to the owner, each with its own unique color sequence called as its DNA. Anthony Hartley is a British designer and furniture maker who creates amazing furniture we can’t take our eyes of.

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February 8, 2012

Bright Apartment Design With Pop Art Details

It’s not always warm or sunny in some parts of Canada but this apartment will definitely give the owners some cheerfulness as it’s bright and colorful. A fusion of art deco details with something traditional and a little bit pop art style. Bright cushions, coffee tables, interesting pictures – all these details make the space lively and fresh. Rugs, wooden floors and comfortable furniture make the apartment cozy. The furniture and color of the walls are neutral to highlight bright accents. The chandelier in the bedroom is fantastic! Golden base and green bubbles look very unusual together and remind of summer.

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