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March 10, 2012

Industrial Copper Piping And Wood Furniture

Industrial design is not for any place and taste but some of these things are so unreal and amazing that they definitely worth buying. This coffee table called Pipe Loop is one of them. British designer Tamasine Osher made it of copper piping and cedar of Lebanon. These two elements are so unexpected, so incompatible but look together so good because they exploit fundamental properties of the materials. You can also buy a Copper Wall Lamp to continue the collection and recycled copper candlestick holders by Michael Guy to add some ‘industriality’. Something industrial and vintage – truly exquisite style.


February 24, 2012

Fascinating Black Pearl Studio in Rotterdam

The aptly named Black Pearl Studio is an ambitious complete renovation by Studio and Zecc Architecten. This incredible interior design has a lot of inspiration to offer those who have a desire to delve in to the details.

The interior is distinctly industrial, but the furnishings (some of which are by Studio are a wonderfully unconventional mix of contemporary minimalism and rough rustic whimsy. One unique feature after another serves to delight the imagination – a hot tub on the roof, surprising textures on select ceilings, and a full workshop on the ground floor. The home decor seems strongly inspired by the spirit of sculpture.

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February 24, 2012

Small Apartment in Barcelona With Clever Design Solutions

Welcome to a colorful small apartment in Barcelona, Spain, especially designed to answer the living needs of a young couple. Found on MiCasa, this happy home is filled with personality and original design elements. Tall ceilings, exposed beams, pipes and plenty of color-all these elements reinvent the sober industrial style and contribute to a fresh atmosphere. With a clever and space-saving layout, every corner of this small apartment is taken advantage of to the fullest. A bright orange armchair and ottoman is the focal point of the living area and creates a wonderful reading spot next to the large window. Practical furniture solutions (a coffee table on wheels, built-in storage space, a suspended small bed) give the sensation of a decluttered, playful home. How do you appreciate the overall design style of this apartment? See any decor ideas you would like to use in your own crib?

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