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April 27, 2012

The Exotic African Interior From Kenya

What is the most exotic continent in the world? Nowadays, when Japanese sushi-bars are in every town of Europe and America we can say that it is Africa. The house you are seeing is in Kenya. But if you really want to create your own Africa at home, you can do it wherever you are!

The important feature of real Afro-style is the contrast of light and dark. Sandy floor, whitewashed walls, dark doors, and décor elements such as masks and imitated game heads. These masks are original and made in Tanzania and Zaire, so decorating your dwelling you can use any souvenirs brought from voyages or bought in a shop. Sure, the last ones won`t be certainly made in Africa, but it might not matter to you at all. Perhaps, you will like the ceiling boarded with halves of logs.
February 17, 2012

Creative and versatile light: Roofer Pendant Light by Benjamin Hubert

The Roofer Pendant Light is a creative way of looking at things from another perspective. London based designer Benjamin Hubert created this special pendant light for Italian manufacturer Fabbian. The inspiration for this project came from the coloured tiles of Marrakech. Flexible silicone tiles hang on a metal frame, just like roof tiles cover the most important feature of a home.

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February 17, 2012

A Perfect Home for Your Trinkets: Light Jars by Kristine Five Melvaer

Trinkets and little personal items are hard to display without having to constantly think about dust. And then there is that part of us that wants to beautifully display our precious items under a spot light, so they would be admired the way they were meant to. Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvaer captured these wishes in a set of fun glass jars presented under the name “Light Jars”. Objects communicate with us and this exact feature of inanimate items challenged the designer to create the Light Jar family.

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