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March 25, 2012

Classical Scandinavian Interior With Art Accents

This amazing home in modern style belongs to Danish jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen. Stine has decorated the apartment with a mix of design classics and flea market finds. The interior is very calm – white walls and simple wooden floor of natural color, all the furniture is also simple and minimalist, and this creates a great frame for the works of art displayed. All the objects are very colorful, they bring a fresh touch to every room. It’s kind of a classical Scandinavian home with bright accents made with the help of cool pictures.

February 27, 2012

10 Original Tree Stumps Decor Ideas

You probably never realized how lucky you’d be if you find a tree stump? Tree stumps can be used for such many things and some manufacturers already produce furniture and items of decor made of them.

For example you can make a stool, a side table, a lamp, a vase and even a planter of a single tree stump. You can group several such things together and they will looks even better. Each of them will be unique. Check out these original decor ideas where tree stumps are used and choose your next DIY project from them.

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February 20, 2012

Amazing DIY Drawer Decorated With Natural Wood

Is it possible to make a cool and original open drawer unit of a usual plastic box? Sure! Take branches (cotton wood gives the blonde wood effect), spray paint, cork sheets, chop saw, ruler, pencil, hot glue gun and table legs. Drill in the table legs to the bottom of your box. Hot glue cork to the sides and top of the box to make an even surface. Use the chop saw to cut the branches into 3/4″ thick pieces. Lay out the varied cut pieces into the pattern of your choice. Hot glue all the pieces onto the cork on the two sides. Now you can fill the box with everything you want like books or magazines and enjoy!


February 17, 2012

Eclectic Mallorca Country House Designed by Mestre Paco

In a place where summers are hot and bright and winters are mild and the Mediterranean Sea is close enough to feel the breeze on your skin, a beautiful house can only enhance the feelings of relaxation and contentment. The Mediterranean villa you can see in the photos was designed by Mestre Paco and it reveals the concept of living without borders in a natural, comfortable environment. The stone facade, punctuated by wooden shutters, creates a picture-perfect exterior, accentuated by the use of simple patio furniture in the garden. Interior spaces are defined by the white beams hovering over the serene arrangements accentuated by natural stone walls. The existing flooring at the entrance and living room is used as a way to detach the interior design from over-exposure to modern design and keep the balance of the overall look. A raised dining area, separated from the living room by a creative shelving system shelters the owners’ meal times from distractions. Salvaged items and industrial elements found their place in a house that displays a melting pot of styles. This fascinating interior design leaves you wanting more and creates a few new ideas for anyone looking for inspiration. Enjoy!

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February 11, 2012

House in Connecticut Blending Tradition and Contemporary Design

For today we would like to present an intriguing residence, initially built in 1932 for the renowned American muralist Ezra Winter. The impressive 6,600 square foot house was designed by Winterhouse Studio and is located in a privileged landscape in Northwestern Connecticut. The natural environment within which this home is integrated features landscaped gardens, open land, hiking trails, streams and a beautiful natural waterfall. The house consists of four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a large painted studio with 30’ ceilings and 24’ high windows, contemporary kitchen, garage and barn. The generous living room (or family room) can be recognized by the original stone fireplace and floor to ceiling bookshelves. The dining room looks royal and inviting. How do you like the mix of old and new in this particular project? [Photo Credits: Albert Vecerka/Esto & Michael Moran ]

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February 11, 2012

Warmth and Inspiration Defining a Renovation Project in Girona, Spain

We found this beautiful home renovation achieved by Lizarriturry Tuneu Arquitectura and located in Girona, a city in northeast Catalonia, Spain. Two main challenges were stated in the owners’ brief. The first was that the architects preserve the impressive medieval stone facade with balconies of wrought iron, wile the second request other was to have a logical room distribution within the renovated home. We believe the team of designers did a great job in maintaining the traditional ambiance of this place. Moreover, the arrangements give it a lovely, warm feel, which is taken to new heights in every room of the cottage-like house. Two generous doors from the courtyard connect the dining room and kitchen to a delightful terrace, while ensuring a large amount of natural light. The living room is especially cheerful, featuring a red sofa, exposed wooden beans and a cozy fireplace. Creativity is also present in the children’s room, the most dynamic interior of the crib. Enjoy the photos!

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February 9, 2012

Scandinavian House Designed with Simple Black and White Hues

Sweden, one of the wonderful Scandinavian countries, is famous for its natural beauty and especially the houses with brilliant designs. This time we have spotted a Swedish house decorated with natural wood and white shades. The simple building has been intelligently impressive in its practical approach used for designing. As seen in most of the Scandinavian interiors, the inside of this particular house comes with the same combination of black and white nuances.

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