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October 22, 2012

Creating Indoor Flower Terraces With I-pot Modular System by Supercake

I-pot modular system for creating flourishing terraced gardens indoors, designed by the creative team at Supercake, The vertical furniture system consists of lightweight and adjustable interlocking elements that can be set up separately or in groups to host large items like flower pots or tall books. I-pot also has several add-ons such as bags for plants, shelves, an aquarium for small fish, and lighting objects.

Adapting to the characteristics of each space, the I-pot modular system could be a great addition to a small room in need of a refreshing touch. We also believe it could do wonders on a terrace or in the balcony, helping you set up a miniature garden. How do you find this modular system in terms of design and functionality? Would you be interested in having it in your home? Where would you place it?


February 8, 2012

Wooden Pots For Placing On The Walls

We all like plants! They make the space fresh, alive and cozy, plants give us oxygen. There are many modern pots for them – funny, with photos or just colored but these pots are also stylish. They are ideal for a minimalist light space where much color is not desired. Pots by Domenic Fiorello are beautiful and elegant. These are not only pots but also shelves. The designer assures us that the plants have everything they need in there even though you don’t see it. Still, because the pieces are made of wood, I think you should be careful with the amount of water of give to the plants. Also, you should choose small plants. You can place the pots anywhere on the wall so that they are a good space-saving solution. Style, comfort and neutral color – isn’t that a great combination?