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October 22, 2012

Scandinavian Spacious Attic Apartment Sizzles with Pristine Charm

For big cities, space is definitely becoming a premium, but it seems that this trend is spreading to smaller centers and towns as well. That’s why designers and architects, and even clients, are quickly coming up with creative ideas and innovative design schemes which will turn even the dullest corner into a vibrant room.

An example is this 55 sqm Swedish apartment. While not exactly cramped on space, it is a great example of how one can maximize what is on offer by using smart ideas, a great color pallet (usually white for Scandinavian apartments) and appropriate décor.

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April 14, 2012

Two Bedroom Apartment in Helsinki is a Designer’s Delight

What would be the picture that comes to your mind when you think of an interior designer’s own home? Most of us would imagine a potpourri of various ideas and styles with every possible color thrown in or a highly desirable idealistic and exotic design. Well, meet interior designerSusanna Vento. Here are a few snapshots of her house situated in Helsinki.


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March 25, 2012

Classical Scandinavian Interior With Art Accents

This amazing home in modern style belongs to Danish jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen. Stine has decorated the apartment with a mix of design classics and flea market finds. The interior is very calm – white walls and simple wooden floor of natural color, all the furniture is also simple and minimalist, and this creates a great frame for the works of art displayed. All the objects are very colorful, they bring a fresh touch to every room. It’s kind of a classical Scandinavian home with bright accents made with the help of cool pictures.

March 4, 2012

Old mission house in Sweden

Check out this beautiful old house. With details in black and white and petroleum this old church has been transformed into a living out of the ordinary. The house has been renovated in recent years and the current owners’ sense of color and form has been mixed with well-preserved tracks from the building’s earlier history. The size of the house is 196 sqm. Watch and enjoy!

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February 27, 2012

Charming Condominium In Sweden For a Young Family

Located at the last (4th) floor of a turn of the century building, this charming condominium in Sweden features three rooms with a chic arrangement and a bright and open floor plan. The refurbished, recently renovated residential space accommodates a young family looking to relocate. Welcoming inhabitants with an open living/dining/kitchen space and two quiet bedrooms overlooking the courtyard, the stylish apartment can easily become a dream home – all you need is a few personal items to sweeten the interiors. Dark floors in the hallway are beautifully contrasted by light floors in the social and private rooms. Windows capture views from both sides of the building and invite natural light inside. A balcony to the west, accessible via the living room, quenches thirst for fresh air and unobstructed surrounding views. Adorned with a bright color scheme captured by carefully chosen furniture and furnishings, the spaces found on Alvhem provide comfort and a calming, refreshing atmosphere.

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February 17, 2012

Dream Home In Sweden Through a Photographer’s Eyes

Swedish photographer Bruno Basic sent us a set of wonderful photos of a contemporary home he photographed in Sweden.  This is the story behind the inspiration and a few details about the materials and owner: “In 2011, I had the honor to photograph a house that was “modern” as my clients described it. What I saw at the driveway to the house I noticed that this house was a little different than regular houses that I see around me. This was more square and appeared to be incredibly well designed. I had never been in contact or met the owner of the house and honestly, I thought it lived a young design-interested couple there. But I was wrong. The house was owned by a middle-aged businessman who had exquisite taste for design. He had designed the house himself and was very proud of it. The house has magnificent view over the city of Kalmar and the sea that surrounds it. Everything in the house was exclusive and the materials came from local producers. The floor was made only a few miles away. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.” We did enjoy them, how about you?

February 9, 2012

Scandinavian House Designed with Simple Black and White Hues

Sweden, one of the wonderful Scandinavian countries, is famous for its natural beauty and especially the houses with brilliant designs. This time we have spotted a Swedish house decorated with natural wood and white shades. The simple building has been intelligently impressive in its practical approach used for designing. As seen in most of the Scandinavian interiors, the inside of this particular house comes with the same combination of black and white nuances.

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