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March 19, 2012

30 Cool Ideas To Make A Small Balcony Cozy

It’s common for some countries to have a small balconies in apartments. Russia is one of those countries and IKEA has recently hosted a contest for the most cozy small balcony. Here are some of the best balconies from this contest. They serve different needs but everybody could find some interesting in them. A lot of these balconies feature IKEA’s furniture so it won’t cost a lot to furnish similar sized area. If your balcony is small don’t hesitate to check these ideas out.

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February 24, 2012

Small Apartment in Barcelona With Clever Design Solutions

Welcome to a colorful small apartment in Barcelona, Spain, especially designed to answer the living needs of a young couple. Found on MiCasa, this happy home is filled with personality and original design elements. Tall ceilings, exposed beams, pipes and plenty of color-all these elements reinvent the sober industrial style and contribute to a fresh atmosphere. With a clever and space-saving layout, every corner of this small apartment is taken advantage of to the fullest. A bright orange armchair and ottoman is the focal point of the living area and creates a wonderful reading spot next to the large window. Practical furniture solutions (a coffee table on wheels, built-in storage space, a suspended small bed) give the sensation of a decluttered, playful home. How do you appreciate the overall design style of this apartment? See any decor ideas you would like to use in your own crib?

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