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May 2, 2012

KEIL Stool by Daniel Heer

German designer Daniel Heer, keeping on with his familial tradition, seeks to unite dissimilar fabrics into uniquely modern furniture designs. What he offers this time is a cubic form stool dubbed as Keil. We find it nothing short of stunning as the height-adjustable furniture (you can change the position too) offers multiple uses. More to it, KEIL doesn’t have any pins inside as it’s crafted from oak, walnut, and pear wood for the frame and fabric straps, premium grade leather or nylon webbing for the seating part. While the use of resources is restrained to a minimum possible, the concept doesn’t compromise with the artistic appeal. We would love to bring it home for its absolute simplicity and originality.


March 25, 2012

JL 1 and JL 4 Faber Stools By Loehr

Made by Loehr, the JL 1 Faber is a stool made from solid oak with a base that is reminiscent of traditional timber house construction. It’s simple, yet it evokes quite a bit of emotion and perhaps even nostalgia. The JL 4 Faber is the same design, but in a bar stool version.


February 27, 2012

Grab It by the Handle and Move It Anywhere You Want: Carry-On Stool

Imagine having your house filled with furniture elements that you can simply grab individually by a handle and carry them from place to place. Scandinavian designer and architect Mattias Sternberg from Studio Vision A&D came up with this original design idea and applied it in creating the Carry-On Stool. You may argument that by nature, small chairs are portable. That is true, but this project comes with a fun, barrel-like appearance that would normally be harder to pick up. So the little “artifice” not only adds a special charm, but also comes in handy. Created from an upholstered textured tweed body and a natural wooden handle, the stool is fresh and original-looking, making it a good addition for a contemporary living space or for the children’s room. Where would you place it?

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