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September 28, 2012

Gorgeous Glass House Connects With Its Surroundings Creating a Visual Spectacle

Modern architects and designers are placing as much emphasis on creating beautiful modern homes that stay connected with the environment around them at all times, as they are on sleek and stylish interiors. And in this effort to add visual space and make the exteriors a part of the house, one has seen a growing trend in employing glass extensively and expansively.

This stylish home located in Ramat Hasharon — a city on Israel’s central coastal strip in the south of the Sharon region — is all about living it up in an ultra0cool fashion. Designed by Levy-Chamizer Architects, the home does its best to ensure that the lines between the exterior and the interior are blurred by using floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

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May 31, 2012

Bright And Modern Sofas By Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois is a big French manufacturer of home furnishings, which has stores on all continents. One of the most developed directions of its activity is the production of leather sofas and armchairs. It offers several beautiful collections in this direction. One of these collection named Les contemporains unites the most modern and stylish sofas of this company. This collection is enlarged by new interesting models every six months and this is why it is so up-to-date and has a so many different sofa’s designs. The best features of this collection are very high quality leather and great variety of bright colors. You could find sofas almost in all colors because several of them are even presented in more then 100 colors. [Roche Bobois]



May 31, 2012

Creative Tips for Displaying Collections With Style

There is power in numbers! This simple fact helps explain the appeal of collections. Do you collect seashells? Teacups? Vintage lunchboxes? Too often we pack away our collections, labeling them as clutter or useless trinkets. It’s time to let your collections see the light of day. In fact, it’s time to spotlight them with pride!

One interesting aspect of collections is the way they highlight the unique qualities of each item in the group. While you may be likely to ignore a ceramic horse on the shelf of a thrift store, all of a sudden that same horse is an eye-catching treasure when displayed in a grouping with other vintage ceramics. Strangely, sometimes it’s not until we group like items that their nuances truly stand out! On that collector’s note, let’s take a look at some tips for displaying your beloved finds. Check out the images and suggestions below:

Mount Your Collection on the Wall

The wall collection was actually used as a Christmas tree, but it shows how a carefully-crafted layout of small items can create alluring wall art. In fact, a wall grouping is an excellent way to unite seemingly unrelated items, especially if they are arranged to form a larger shape or design[from All the Luck in the World via Apartment Therapy]

Display Your Collection on a Shelf

Sometimes a shelf is all you need to give your collection new life. Take the rows of teapots below. A colorful wall and floating shelving are all that’s needed to make the pieces stand out, especially since their sheer number speaks volumes! [from That (Unreliable) Girl]

Go for the Unexpected!

What if you used a collection to display another collection? For example, if you collect containers such as apothecary jars, fill them with collections of other small items, such as sea sponges. [from Pottery Barn]

For another clever display strategy, mix your collections! For example, combine seashell-topped glass bottles with framed pictures in an intriguing grouping. Each collection benefits from the addition of a second theme. [from Pottery Barn]

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March 29, 2012

Stylish Vintage Suitcase-Like Furniture Collection

Recycling is a way to do the environment cleaner and it’s so fantastic when the designers manage to create something cool of such materials! Roadie collection of recycled teak wood furniture by Karpenter is just that thing. Eco-friendly and stylish, rustic, industrial and modern – this furniture is definitely a success. It has a slight vintage touch. The collection is characterized by providing unique storage solutions, like chests and shelf units, and they’re all on wheels so you can easily move them around as you like. The collection has many pieces – sideboards, shelves, desks and so on – you will for sure find something that you’ve been looking for.


March 3, 2012

Elegant and Stylish Veranda Design With A Fireplace

A veranda is a place in our home where we can be closer to nature without going out. This is a perfect place for a breakfast or reading. This veranda is a big addition to the main building. The designers from Crisparchitects gave it a special style: it looks like a cozy classical English living room with a fireplace and characteristic furniture. Thanks to many windows there is much light and the colors chosen are airy and light. Ornately shaped chairs and airy glass table add some exquisite features to the space. But the most adorable thing is a big black piano – I think this piece makes all the interior so elegant that we can’t remove our eyes from it.


March 3, 2012

Wooden lamp design by Fermetti

If you are looking for artful and stylish light installations for your contemporary home, there are plenty of spectacular designs and materials to choose from. The Belgian studio Fermetti offers an interesting and original twist for this very significant aspect for interior design.

The Blub lamp collection contains sculptural light installations, stylish and minimalistic, but sculptural and original through the original use of blonde, richly textured wood. The pieces are most suitable for suspended lighting, whether placed individually or arranged into a group at varying heights. Their basic but playful and rounded shapes remind of bowling pins or stylized chess pieces.

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February 20, 2012

DIY Stylish Twine Pendant Lights

These stylish pendant lights are quite easy to make. They can become a perfect addition for your dining room. The project of making them is very similar to making these string chandeliers but instead of yarn you need to use twine. Besides it you’ll need a few balloons, spray laundry starch, Pendant batton holders and several light bulbs.


First of all blow up several balloons in slightly different sizes. Tie one end of a piece of string to the balloon knot and start wrapping the balloon with string until it’s pretty much covered. Repeat this process with other balloons. Hang these balloons freely and spray with a starch. Leave them to dry and pop the balloons after that. Remove them from the inside of the cocoons and carefully insert batton fittings and bulbs inside the pendants. Suspend them above your dinning table and enjoy.