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April 6, 2012

Colorful Project Combining Colors, Materials and Shapes

Colorful benches are inspired from the joy their vividness brings us. This particular project that caught your attention from the intriguing photo is a collection of benches captured under the name ‘PlaidBench” Collection. Why plaid? The design studio that worked on this project – Raw-Edges Design Studio – explain: “Stripes arrangement is a common element in iconic benches.


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March 29, 2012

Recycled Wooden Furniture: Office Desk, Sideboard & Bookcase Designs

Wooden furniture is very rarely recycled, and we usually dump them as they get older. Such an attitude is born out of misconception that wood can’t be recycled. It’s not true; look what we have for you here.

A century ago, furniture in households and offices were all made up of wood. Later, with the advent of technology, and invention of newer raw materials, wood gave way to other material. And, towards the later part of history, we found that wooden articles were more convenient and comfortable. But their availability seems to be the major deterrent nowadays. It is here designers at Kann recognized the importance of recycled wooden products. Most of their products are composed of merely three strips of wooden palettes.

Their designs are very simple and attractive in appearance. Moreover, they don’t bear any clue that they are recycled stuff. All are as good as fresh products.


March 20, 2012

DIY Patio Cocktail Table With A Built-In Mini Garden

This isn’t the first DIY patio table with mini succulent garden we covers. Although it’s very cute and cheap to make so I can’t pass it by. The table is almost free to make because you can use wood pallets for it. The cool thing about using them is that the table is going to be carefree. Of course it also should be painted.

So, for the project you’ll need several pallets, paint brushes and latex paint, a sander and sandpaper, a hammer and nails, a drill and 3 inch wood screws, a saw, 2 5/8”x5”x8’ fence pickets, tape measure, clear satin sealant spray and wood glue.

For a step by step tutorial visit Todays Nest.


March 12, 2012

40 Easter Table Décor Ideas To Make This Family Holiday Special

Serving the table for Easter the first thing to do is to remember that it’s spring now and fresh flowers are among the best and simplest decorations. Of course, traditional rabbits and eggs are not to be forgotten! Choose bright color schemes with green, pink, blue and gold to remind to you that it’s the most beautiful time of the year and everything soon will be in blossom. Or you may choose something more traditional like beige and pink and add some porcelain rabbits. Eggs for decoration and to it and of course baskets! Take some low baskets and put the plates right in them or make a centerpiece. Let everything be perfect on this beautiful day!

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March 10, 2012

Ferre Outdoor Furniture: White, Yet Colorful

The Ferre outdoor furniture proves yet again why minimalist pieces rule the area of furniture design. This elegant and fashionable furniture collection, which features a sofa, an armchair, dining table, and a low table, is designed by French designer Cedric Dequidt. The cushions used in the sofa and armchair are supple and cuddly, which makes it an enjoyable and comfortable experience. To complete the elegant touch of the collection, the dining table and low table have stylish glass table tops.


March 10, 2012

What do Tree Roots, Birds and Eggs Have in Common?

Polish design studio WamHouse came up with this exciting and creative idea for the design of an unusual table. Composed of two very visually distinct parts – an egg and a branch – this table expresses the love for nature and unstoppable effect it has on our daily lives – from surrounding us to being in many of our thoughts.

The Egg Table displays a contemporary design, with subtle hints of playfulness. Colorful and bold, it can spark up a conversation in no time and it would surely act as the focal point in any room.


March 10, 2012

Industrial Copper Piping And Wood Furniture

Industrial design is not for any place and taste but some of these things are so unreal and amazing that they definitely worth buying. This coffee table called Pipe Loop is one of them. British designer Tamasine Osher made it of copper piping and cedar of Lebanon. These two elements are so unexpected, so incompatible but look together so good because they exploit fundamental properties of the materials. You can also buy a Copper Wall Lamp to continue the collection and recycled copper candlestick holders by Michael Guy to add some ‘industriality’. Something industrial and vintage – truly exquisite style.


February 27, 2012

10 Original Tree Stumps Decor Ideas

You probably never realized how lucky you’d be if you find a tree stump? Tree stumps can be used for such many things and some manufacturers already produce furniture and items of decor made of them.

For example you can make a stool, a side table, a lamp, a vase and even a planter of a single tree stump. You can group several such things together and they will looks even better. Each of them will be unique. Check out these original decor ideas where tree stumps are used and choose your next DIY project from them.

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February 24, 2012

2011 Nelson Tray Table from Herman Miller

Take time to soak in the Nelson Tray Table, because this exclusive modern design will not be sticking around for very long. This designer table is part of the Herman Miller Select line, a once-a-year release revered by discriminating decorators.

Santos palisander and walnut veneers were inlayed over white ash to create the sunburst effect on the tabletop. The pattern itself draws inspiration from a George Nelson classic, the Flock of Butterflies wall mounted clock. The column and legs are composed of sturdy steel to ensure stability and longevity.


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February 11, 2012

IKEA Kitchen Table Art by Carl Kleiner and Evelina Bratell

Some ideas can express, in a simple yet stylish way, the beauty that comes from adjoining several items that shape two defining action – cooking and eating. Each plate and fork, each bowl or napkin have something to contribute to the overall success of the meal. Capturing the very best of IKEA’s creativeness and tableware, photographer Carl Kleiner shows us how stylist Evelina Bratell conceptualize d a follow-up campaign of IKEA’s 2010?s hit campaign named “Visual Recipes”. The IKEA Kitchen Table Art expresses the collective efforts of all the people involved in this project and offers an artistic visual standstill of the company’s present. Kitchen items were carefully selected and arranged to shape a few examples of how tableware can be inspiring and still display a story in pictures. Lunch, dinner, party, spaghetti night or eggs and coffee for breakfast – all these fundamental events in our daily lives were captured in the table art found on Twisted Sifter.